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Introduction: Ashvoice

My many interests are threads that come back to transitions. Moving from one
life phase to another is how I articulate the crux of my impassioned discovery.
Personally, I seem to always be building. Creating a life makes sense when one
is a teenager and in our twenties. A person’s thirties usually holds different life
challenges. In smaller towns marriage and/or kids are the norm; often a search for
meaningful or at least interesting work is intensified. In one’s forties, kids continue
to grow up which provides for fun and worry. Work is often challenging and
sometimes more necessary. Of course there are many variations, and people grow
and mate at different times, and families can blend and morph, or divorce or death
can rock our stability. Work can cause heartache and loss during any phase. Clearly
there are no hard and fast rules. What is significant is our identity is tied up with
work and family transitions, so a more total transformation is inspired or forced at
any time during life status changes. The archetypal categories of maiden, wife, crone
are outmoded, but has anything replaced them?

So here I am in my early 50s, I’ve been single for 20 years, I’m menopausal, and
I want to mate. How do I find my Mr. Wonderful? How do I build a life where Mr.
Wonderful wants to join? Who is Mr. Wonderful, anyway? What does it really mean
to be menopausal? I teach high school and I taught college, so I love and work
with young people, but they and their parents can be crazy making. These are the
questions subjects that I will write about.


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