Introductions of Contributors / Kiki

Introduction: Kiki

I am 33 years old, engaged and about to get married and start a family.  As common as all of those things are–I find them utterly disorienting and feel a bit thrown into the deep end.   I am also in the middle of an unexpected career change.   I have an MA in Communication and most of my jobs have been related to adult education.   I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. Making art, making music and long distance back packing are by far my favorite activities.

At this time in my life, the things I’ll be writing about with pertain to romance, engagements, starting a marriage, starting a family and creating a career path–all a little late in the game.   The main areas I studied in school were related to gender, culture and media so I will likely draw upon that as I explore my topics.

Writing helps me clarify my own experiences and is an incredibly pleasurable process for me.    I’m hoping that in writing honestly and with a positive frame–that I can not only create a positive upwards spiral for myself–but that I can nudge others like me along the journey of life.   If I have learned one thing so far in life it is that everything is normal.  I suppose I am seeking to normalize myself by speaking instead of keeping everything to myself.  I don’t want my life to feel small in the dim light of a romantic comedy and sometimes it does.   As simple and immature as it is, I am emerging from my youth and realizing that the future is happening.   There is a part of me that yearns a movie instead.   And so I write.


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